• Pretty good for a girl | Women of Winter

    Remember that time Elena Hight was the first person to land a double alley-oop rodeo in a competition?
  • Ready to Grab Back But Don’t Know Where to Start

    Coalition Snow is part of an inclusive global community that welcomes anyone and everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, background, ability, class, or perspective. We support one another and we will never tolerate anything less. We feel the need to reiterate the values that we stand for here at Coalition Snow: justice, freedom, sisterhood, integrity, compassion, community, honesty, and intersectionality.

  • Skiing turned me into a Feminist | Powder Magazine

    On Inauguration Day and one day before Women's March on Washington, the largest Inauguration protest in history, Julie Brown the Managing Editor at Powder Magazine took the time to reflect on the community of women who have shared the adventures and supported her through the struggles as she navigated the doors that skiing has opened in her life.