Sisu Magazine | Issue 4: Plans Change


Changing plans is likely part of any successful creative process, especially if you are doing a significant amount of creating. Many times our best work is quite derivative of our original intent, and most of the time far exceeds expectations (all of this provided you can roll with the punches and hang on through the tight corners). The lesson: Let go and hang on at the same time.

Inside Issue Four: Plans Change, you’ll see artifacts found, created, and sought out from Editor Jennifer Gurecki’s travels through Nepal––a journey she imagined would happen one way, but progressed quite differently. She found herself in places, mentally and physically, that she didn’t expect. She did, however, end up immersed in the essence of the place, sort of like Alice on the other side of the Looking Glass. In this issue of Sisu Magazine, we experience her trip via her documentation through the lens of a Lomo wide format instant camera, interviews with unexpected acquaintances, found art work, and unusual stories of the road. It’s clear that when Jen stopped expecting, she started finding.

Join us in celebrating this creative lesson, to embrace change as a given, and let it teach us to follow paths to places we never expected.

Issue Four: Plans Change was made possible by our friends at Liv Cycling  ❤️

Contributors include:

::: Vanessa Barajas

::: Joe Biel 

::: Melanie Briggs

::: Martina Brimmer

::: Jenny Bruso

::: Lynsey Dyer

::: Athena Fliakos

::: Mary Jackson, Ph.D.

::: Kiona

::: Meghan O'Dea

::: Andrew Pridgen

::: Erica Zazo

::: + MORE