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Confessions of a Halfpipe Skier

Confessions of a Halfpipe Skier

Who says you can’t be both fierce and feminine? Pro halfpipe skier, Jeanee Crane-Mauzy, believes these two things are synonymous. As a professional halfpipe skier, she shreds the pipe with fierce agility and grace all while wearing her signature red lipstick.

In December of 2021, we unveiled Jeanee’s first pro-model halfpipe ski—the MoCrazy—a nickname coined when Jeanee and her sister Jamie were tiny toddlers of terror. When finding the right graphic to grace the topsheets, Senior Designer Charlotte Harris went to marry the idea of “cute, but don’t fuck with me; feminine with a lethal right hook.” Which is the best way to describe the still-tiny Jeanee Crane-Mauzy, full to the brim with fierce femininity.

Charlotte sat down with Jeanee to talk about what living the life of a pro halfpipe skier is like.

When & where did you learn to ski?

I learned to ski when I was a year old in New Hampshire. My whole family skis so we all started young! 

What made you move into competitive skiing?

My older sister Jamie got into freestyle. She was doing a mogul competition at our local hill, and my mom told me I had to train with her since she didn’t have any friends yet. Then they signed me up for the competition and said since they signed me up I had to do it. I ended up loving it. 

Where does ‘MoCrazy’ come from?

My last name is Crane-Mauzy, mixed up just right you get Mocrazy. My mom started calling us Mocrazy when we were little. And then, when both Jamie and I got into freestyle, the announcers loved the brand so it stuck.

What is your favorite part of your first pro model?

I love that you put my dog Lyona on it, it’s like I always have her with me.

Do you have any rituals or superstitions you have to do before you drop in?

After the start, the official says I’m ready to drop in. I slide down to my drop-in location. I close my eyes and put my hands on my hips like I’m a superhero. I focus on the song that’s playing (usually Taylor swift) and let my mind go blank. Then I open my eyes and drop in. 

What is your most-played Taylor Swift song?

I would stay ‘Style’ as it was the theme song to Jamie’s TBI recovery. We played it on repeat for almost a year and still do at every meaningful event and milestone.

I also became very obsessed with her re-done Red album this past fall and would play the 10-minute version of ‘All Too Well’ as I went for walks, skipping and dancing in the Austrian alps.

What is your fave trick?

Right 540. 


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