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Our Best Clapbacks For Mansplaining On The Mountain

Our Best Clapbacks For Mansplaining On The Mountain

Being a non white cis man on the mountain often comes with a pleatera of mans-plaining, unsolicited advice, tips, offers and sometimes down right insults. In light – and annoyance — of this, we asked our Athlete and Ambassador team to tell us what they’ve faced on the mountain recently, and what their best comebacks are for these frustrating situations. 

For many of us who doubt if they belong in the snow sports community, these comments can be especially hard to take. These stories are for anyone who feels alone on the mountain, they are a reminder that you’re not alone. Here’s what men have actually said and done and our team’s responses to their nonsense. Feel free to share with your man friends so that they don’t make the same mistakes.


Eye Roll #1:

Them: “You probably can’t keep up.”

Us: “Watch me do it switch.”


Eye Roll #2:

Us: “Coalition Snow is a women-owned and operated ski and snowboard brand. We manufacture our own line of skis and snowboards.”

Them: “Oh wow, I can't wait to check out your clothing."


Eye Roll #3:

*When you’re about to head into side country and ask nearby dudes if they’ve been in yet for a snow report and they answer in a way that says* “Shit we might have to save her” but you breeze by and drop in like a boss.


Eye Roll #4: 

Them: "Wow, you actually are good at skiing." 


Eye Roll #5: 

Them: “You know it's an ‘expert’ glade.”

Us: “Don't you worry, I know that place by heart and I can go down that glade in 12" of fresh pow without even taking a break ;)”


Eye Roll #6: 

Them: “Nice slut strands…”

Us: “If you think this is slutty, I feel bad how sheltered your sex life must be…”


Eye Roll #7: 

Them on the chairlift: “You don't want to follow me; where I go it's gnarley…” 

Us: Following them to the trail head (because they wouldn't let me pass on the narrow entrance) and thensay "hi again" as I flew past them and skied the run like a champ.


Eye Roll #8: 

Them approaching me at the lodge bar: "Nice board. Want me to go out there with you and give you some pointers?" 

Us: "No. (Insert RBF here.)" 

Them: “Come on, I'm just trying to help, I'm harmless." 

Us: "Well, I'm not harmless, so fuck off."


Eye Roll #9: 

Them: When you work as ski patrol as a woman and  show up to a scene with a toboggan and the male patient exclaims, "You're going to drive that thing?!" 

Us: "Would you and your broken leg like to get yourself down, then?"


Eye Roll #10: 

Them: “Don't go that way –  that cliff is bigger than it looks!”

Me: In a zone I've skied a hundred times so I look back and then ski off cliff and lands it and say “If you want, you can hike back up and go around. If you go to the left, you can keep your skis on the ground the whole time!”


Eye Roll #11: 

Them: Dude yells from under chairlift: "BLONDES OR BRUNETTES?" 

Us: Me, a brown woman with black hair: "Neither, asshole."


Eye Roll #12: 

Them: "Idk if we should go in there, the trees are pretty tight." 

Us: Shrugs and drops in first.


Our community of women and non-binary ambassadors and athletes are strong, confident and know how to stand up for themselves. These examples are stories are to remind you that you’re not alone if you feel left out or disheartened on the mountain by some ski bro who underestimates you. 

We hope these stories were entertaining, relatable and gave you some great comebacks to use on the mountain. You’ve got community with us and we’re always here to listen to your rants. You can find us in the Coalition Clubhouse and on Instagram at @coalitionsnow.



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