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An Intersectional Approach To Being Nude in Nature

An Intersectional Approach To Being Nude in Nature

Après Delight & Coalition Snow present: An Intersectional Approach To Being Nude in Nature. Outdoor fanatics will love this how-to blog originally published on the Good Lovin' blog on taking an intersectional approach to nudity in the outdoors. Keep reading to learn more, and make sure to subscribe to the Good Lovin' newsletter for all things naked and outside. 

You may be wondering about being naked outside. You’re not the only one. Society commonly connects the idea of nudity to sex—but nudity isn’t inherently sexual. For some people, being nude in nature is a way to connect with yourself and nature. That being said, you may want to have a sensual moment with yourself or your partner(s) in nature, but you don’t know the best way to approach it. 

There are ways to be naked outside that are respectful to others who might happen upon you, as well as ways to best speak about it in a way that acknowledges that being nude in nature isn’t safe for everyone. Whatever nudity in nature means to you, we are here to give you 411 on using an intersectional approach when you get nude and/or down in nature.

Respect Others Around You

The first rule of thumb is to consider those around you. While your right to nudity should be celebrated and respected, so should others' rights not to be. It’s important to practice ethical naturism and nudity when deciding to be nude outdoors. So with that in mind, if you want to get nude in nature with friends, check in with them first and gauge their comfort levels. If you want to get nude in nature with a partner(s) make sure you have their consent and do so safely. Head on over to our blog about the risks of getting down outdoors that dives into this here


Recognize & Respect The Land 

As always, a great intersectional approach to being nude in nature is considering whose land you are on. Knowing the land acknowledgment of the lands you live and play on is a simple yet powerful step to respecting the lands and indigenous peoples they belong to. Respecting the land also looks like leaving no trace—better yet leaving it in better condition than you found it, respecting the plants and animals that live there, and ensuring you aren’t disrupting the natural ecosystems.


Go To A Designated Nude Space 

One of the easiest ways to ensure you are taking an intersectional approach is to go to a designated nude space. Nude spaces include nude beaches, campgrounds, nude festivals, and public outdoor hot springs and saunas. Especially if you feel nervous being nude in nature, this is a great way to make sure you are not disrespecting any person or rule. Also, believe it or not, nude spaces like these are quite comfortable and respectful. People don’t care that you’re naked, they are too! In our experience nude areas like these are welcoming, non-judgemental and non-sexual—they are just nude and free. 


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