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9 Awesome Women-Owned Outdoor Brands

9 Awesome Women-Owned Outdoor Brands

As we conclude Women’s History Month, our goal remains the same - to shred the patriarchy and support women. So, what better way to do that than to highlight some of the best women-owned brands in the outdoor industry that we love!

As a women-owned and operated brand, we understand the ins and outs of the industry and the effort it takes to stand your ground being a woman in the outdoor industry. Coalition Snow started because we simply wanted gear tailored for women and it just wasn’t available. Even when asked, no one thought that women (half the population) were a lucrative enough market. Maybe they thought this because there were fewer women on the mountain 10 years ago compared to today. However, as we already know, fewer women are involved in the outdoors due to lack of access and gatekeeping rather than disinterest. Therefore, if we don't make space for women, women won't be as involved - and we're so not OK with this. So, we went ahead and started producing skis, snowboards, and curating a supportive community for women in snow sports.

We have had the privilege of working with some awesome brands that are doing similar things for the outdoor industry and we love to see it. So we created a list of nine awesome women owned brands that we love and YOU should know. 


Alpine Parrot

Alpine Parrot is owned by one of Coalition Snow’s very own Ambassadors, Raquel. They are an outdoor apparel brand that specifically designs outdoor clothing for women sized 14-24. Filling a much-needed gap in the market, and recognizing that bigger bodies are adventurous and outdoorsy too, they are paving the way and setting an example for all of us in the outdoor industry. Be sure to check them out here.


She Fly

She Fly, an outdoor pant brand, was created to better fit women’s anatomy to make it easier for us to pee outdoors. The idea sprouted when one of the co-founders was working as a glacier guide in Alaska and found it extremely difficult, time-consuming, and not to mention cold to strip off many layers just to go to the bathroom. They have created a pant that zips off in just the right spot to allow women to pee more easily in the outdoors - and they’ve patented it! Awesome. Check them out here.


Wild Rye 

Wild Rye is a women’s outdoor apparel brand focused on biking and snow sports. Their goal is simple, to provide inclusive, accessible, ethical products for all women regardless of level, background, size, etc. They are an awesome brand that not only makes some great outdoor clothing, they are also extremely community-oriented. They are always supporting women in the outdoors through events, campaigns, promotions, and more. Check them out here.


Sensi Graves Swim

Sensi Graves Swim is a bathing suit brand brought to you by Sensi Graves, a professional kiteboarder who was having a lot of trouble finding good quality swimwear that would stay put in the surf! So, she did what a lot of women find themselves doing these days when the market doesn’t account for us, she did it herself. Sensi Graves Swim is a line of well-made, ethical, strong, inclusive swimwear designed to be both cute and functional! Check it out here.


Kula Cloth

The Kula Cloth is a pee cloth made to take out into the wilderness with you as a convenient, clean, and environmentally friendly way to use the bathroom in the great outdoors. Made with antimicrobial material, it is “self-cleaning,” making it more hygienic, easier, and environmentally conscious than packing loads of toilet paper, or the classic shake method we’ve all had to use for far too long. Props to Kula Cloth for this awesome product - we love it so much we’ve even partnered with them and created an Apres Delight Kula Cloth. Check out Kula Cloth here.


Kari Traa 

Kari Traa is an amazing women's outdoor sports brand named after Olympian Kari Traa who notoriously was found knitting beanies in between competitions. Being one of the only highly competitive women skiers in her midst she was determined to create some for women like her. Her love of the outdoors and creative talent perfectly blend to make Kari Traa. Check it out here.


Outdoor Divas 

Outdoor Divas was the first women specific outdoor and snow sports shop in the country. The founder, Kim Walker, a passionate outdoorswoman wanted to share her enthusiasm for outdoor sports with as many women as possible. She started Outdoor Divas because of the lack of women specific gear available even in a place like vail, and the rest is history. Check them out here


Title Nine

Title Nine is a women's outdoor sports brand that's name is inspired by the 1972 act making it illegal to limit sports participation based on gender. Title nine makes good quality, ethical and cute outdoor sports gear for women because they believe the outdoors and exercise are vital to happiness. Check them out here


Houdini Sportswear

Houdini Sportswear is a sports wear brand that focuses on giving back to nature as people who get a lot of their energy and happiness from nature. They focus on sustainability through strong and clear action plans you can read about on their website. Check them out here


Just incase those aren't enough be sure to check out some of the awesome brands we've collaborated with this year to make badass women centered products. 


Check out the Coalition Snow x Skida winter accessories. Hats, buffs and more!

Wild Brush 

Check out the Coalition Snow x Wild Brush accessory bags for all your toiletries, camping gear, bike tools or whatever else you can think up!

Beloved Packs 

Check out the Coalition Snow x Beloved therapy packs for either a warm or ice pack sesh after your long days in the mountains. 


Many of these awesome brands share our goal of shredding/smashing the patriarchy through inclusion and accessibility. We have worked with many of them through collaborations, events, and promotions and many of these brands have worked with one another too as we all share a similar mindset and mission. This women's month - and all months - check out, support, and share these awesome women-owned and operated brands trying to make a difference in the outdoor industry.



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