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Death of the Press Box | Welcome to the Female Future of Coalition Snow

Interview by Andrew J. Pridgen

When last we checked in with Coalition Snow co-founders Jen Gurecki and Danielle Rees, it was 2015, the pair had just got done pressing their first line of skis designed and built by and for women and were starting company in a strangely competitive industry where the consumer dollars are scarce or at the least, very fickle.

A lot has changed since then. The brand has gained international recognition and evolved from its original “tackling the shrink it and pink it problem in the ski industry” mantra.

Now that we live in an era of protest and pussy hats, Coalition too has grown up with the cause. They are now, as ever, “Women first.” And, well, we’ll let them lay it out for us full stop.

Read Andrew's full interview at Death of the Press Box


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