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Our Giving Tuesday Picks

Today is Giving Tuesday, the day we open up our wallets and financially support our values. There are so many incredible non-profits and initiatives making the world a better place and...

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Don't Assume Anything

Language is powerful. It shapes our culture, it shapes our perceptions. With our words we can inform, influence, include, persuade, manipulate, hurt, or comfort others. Using the correct pronouns is a way...

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A Tree For A Ski

As a small business, rather than focusing on the change that we can't make, we have been focusing on what we can do. And that is why we have been working...

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Welcoming The Mirnavator

We kicked off Black History Month with a pretty big announcement: Mirna Valerio has joined the Coalition Snow team. For those of you who are new to the Mirna fan club, she is a...

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Protect Your P 🐱

You know how important it is to vote this year. There is so much on the line when it comes to ensuring that we protect our environment, fight climate change,...

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THE Feminist Anthem of 2020

What does pop culture have to do with the outdoors? Everything. It’s what we talk about when we’re out on the trail or on the chairlift. That’s why it seems apropos...

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