Sisu Magazine | Issue 3: Revival

Issue Three: Revival

Inside this issue, we’ve curated stories about the people who are breathing new life into the outdoors. Their experiences in nature are ones of endurance, strength, spirituality, and revitalization. The existence of Sisu Magazine is also a revival of sorts—we’re hoping to resurrect print into a tactile, analog experience that requires us to slow down and soak it all in.

Revive is the translation of chayah and means "to live” or "cause to live.” It’s the restoration to life (Genesis 45:27; Judges 15:19, etc.), of rebuilding (Nehemiah 4:2), of restoration to well-being (Psalms 85:6). We are revived when we spend time in nature. We become grounded, strengthened, and connected to something bigger than myself. Perhaps that’s why “going to church” has taken on a new meaning on those Sunday mornings when we choose to worship and revel in the wonders of our natural world.

Issue 3: Revival was made possible by our friends and Merrell and Liv Cycling ❤️

Why a magazine?

Because world domination doesn't happen just from selling skis and snowboards. We've always had something to say and now we're making it official with our very own quarterly print magazine. 

Why the name Sisu? It's a Finnish word that embodies the spirit of perseverance, grit, and guts. It's the art of inner strength. And it couldn't describe our journey more.

If you’re excited about thought provoking articles, inspirational features, beautiful art, and compelling photography, all infused with the same passion, camaraderie, and grit you’ve come to know and love from Coalition Snow, you’ll love Sisu Magazine. Learn more about Sisu Magazine here.  

Contributors include:

::: Christina Armetta

::: Vanessa Barajas

::: Devan Bridson

::: Jenny Bruso

::: Lynsey Dyer

::: James Harnois

::: Tibby Plasse

::: Lindsey Richter

::: Jill Sanford

::: Margaret Seelie

::: Andrew Pridgen

::: Samantha Romanowski

::: Erica Zazo

::: + MORE