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Wrap it around your neck. Wrap it around your gifts. No matter what you do with these bandanas, you'll be able to easily turn this humble accessory into a quietly chic fashion statement.

// Designed and hand-illustrated by Kristen Mimms Scavnicky of Cocoa Bijou

// Digitally printed 100% pima cotton with machine hem

// Dimensions: 29" x 29"

// Here's some tips on how to wear a bandana 

Meet Kristen Mimms Scavnicky, the artist behind Cocoa Bijou who loves to draw what's in her mindscape. 

Her Inspiration
The work you see is rooted in everything she has experienced as a Black woman and continues to learn about her African heritage. As a Black American, uncertain of her true ancestry, her artwork and meditative drawing process has served as a journey to find a connection with my ancestors.

Her Mindscape
The line work she produces is situated somewhere between reality and the dreamscape; the safe space that brings us relief during meditation. The tick mark lines are an adaptation of Ichi, which is a scarification of the skin signifying the nobility of a person in Igbo society. The individual Ichi lines symbolize the rays of the sun, hence her main concept - love & light.