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Dissecting the Dude Soup

Have you ever thought to yourself ‘what would Jen do?’ No? Okay, maybe it's just us.

When that ski bro yells from the chairlift “Hey, stay out of my powder” on a powder day. When someone at après dismisses someone else’s experience on the mountain with “I try to keep politics out of skiing.” Perhaps you’re sick of hearing “Wow you’re pretty good for a chick” and you need some wisdom on how to cope with the nonsense of the patriarchy.

To these annoying dilemmas and more, we turn to Jen: Our fearless leader who always seems to know exactly what to say from her years of experience shredding the patriarchy. So our latest segment for you is Dissecting the Dude Soup with Jen, where she will take your burning questions in need of validating, problem solving, or commiserating and share her answers Dear Abby-style but with more snark with all of you.


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