Seawitches Avocado Paint + Letterpressed Postcards

  • $15.00
  • $28.00

After working with Seawitches for our DIY feature inside Sisu Magazine, we knew we wanted to help share their creations with the masses. 

Inspired by the painting their founder, Margaret Seelie, used to do on warm-water surf trips, we hope your Seawitches paint will travel with you everywhere. Capture all your magical moments in nature.

This paint loves watercolor paper, especially our Seawitches postcards 💌

// This kit includes one 1.5 oz glass jar of paint plus 4 letterpressed Seawitches postcards.

// Seawitches created their paint from avocado pits foraged in Northern California.

// The color they create is a pinkish-red.

// The paint functions like a watercolor; all you have to do is open the jar and dip your brush in.

// For deeper, darker colors apply multiple layers. For a lighter pink, you can add water and paint lightly.

// Limited edition.

// More colors coming seasonally 🌼🦋🌱

Notes about natural paints, dyes, and inks: Unlike synthetic materials, these pigments are alive. What does that mean? Every jar of paint yields a different color. Over time, the color may mature and deepen in the jar making it more vibrant. On paper, it may fade especially when exposed to sunlight. These paints feel the passage of time and the power of the elements, offering a truly organic experience.