Sisu Magazine

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we were a little tired of the typical narrative of the outdoor adventurer: Against all odds, the cis-gendered, straight white male conquers the mountain and his competition (insert eye roll). We’ve got other ideas about what makes for a story-worthy adventure. 

Sisu Magazine is our take on a quarterly magazine whose mission is to uncover the untold stories of the outdoors. You’ll be able to take a deeper, uninterrupted look into the lives of people who charge through life, challenge norms, and passionately spread their love of adventure and the outdoors to others.

Inside the pages of Sisu Magazine, you’ll find stories about the first trans woman to compete in the Freeride World Tour, learn how to tell your van-life husband that you’re actually a lesbian, discover why affinity spaces for Black women are necessary and important, and so much more from gear round-ups, to DIY projects, to mouth-watering recipes. It’s what we want to read right now— served up by the writers, artists, and photographers who are at the forefront of the modern outdoor movement.

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