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Women Athletic Shorts
Women Athletic Shorts
Women Athletic Shorts
Women Athletic Shorts
Women Athletic Shorts

Shorts | Campfire Birdsong


She ran away. All I know is that something like a bird within her sang, all I know she sang a little while and then flew on. She crested the hill. Though the settling dust I could see she left behind her a trail of her feathers, stitched together with only gossamer and grit. Her figure took to the air with speed. In the glare of the sun, she could have flown or jumped or been simply lifted by the breeze. Vanishing faster and faster, she is lost in a feathered flash, and is gone into stardust. Laugh in the sunshine, fly through the night.

// Stay cool and look hot in these quick drying performance shorts

// Available in size X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large

// Our performance fabric is naturally quick-drying and wicks moisture away as you workout

// We suggest you size up if you are in between sizes

// Made from ultra-stretch, eco-friendly PolySpandex blend fabric that won’t lose shape or fade even after multiple wearings

// All of our apparel is made to order and ethically manufactured in Montreal so please allow 5-10 days for delivery (you can't rush perfection)

// Italicized words from "Birdsong" by Robert Hunter