Beloved | Hot & Cold Therapy Packs Sapphire Oasis

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When long days on the mountain have you sore and stiff, reach for your Beloved Pack to unwind. 

Handcrafted hot + cold therapy packs for natural pain and stress relief. Warmed up they help to increase circulation and when applied cool they aid in decreasing inflammation. 

This season choose from our Temptress In The GardenSapphire OasisHeavy Petal Alchemy, or Cat's Meow designs. 

 // Handmade by Beloved Packs, a Black and women-owned business 

// 100% cotton washable sleeve 

// Three channeled insert filled with jasmine rice. Perfect for cramps, sore back, headaches, earaches, acne, bruises, or just relaxing.

// For soothing warmth, place in the microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute (may increase time depending on the strength of the microwave).

// For cooling relief, place in the freezer for a minimum of 1 hour.

    // Care Instructions: Sleeve washable on gentle cycle, spot clean insert if needed, dry completely before use.

    // With proper care, rice packs can last up to 4+ years.

    // Size: 15" x 8"

    // Use for: Backaches, stiff joints, cramps, pre + postpartum pain, arthritis, bumps and bruises, cystic acne, tense shoulders or just to relax after a long day