Who is SKIYONCE? And 4 Equally Important Things

This article was originally published December 13th, 2017 and written by Misadventures

It’s been a few years since Coalition Snow burst onto the scene as the first female-founded company designing skis and boards (that don’t suck) for women.

Since then they’ve continued to shake up the perception of women in the outdoors, trading in the traditional sexy-but-fragile-snow-bunny trope for the smart, athletic, and diverse in age, shape, color, and ability reality of women in the world. Beyond being the first female-focused hardgoods brand, here are five things Coalition Snow does differently than just about any other brand in the snow sports industry.

Powder Magazine called them the “Beyonce of the Ski World”

Get ready to be crazy in love with your gear. It’s one thing to have your skis recognized as one of the top picks of the year, but to be compared to the Queen B herself in the same paragraph is beyond rad. Find out why the women (and men) of Powder Magazine call the SOS the best all mountain ski of the year, and how Coalition Snow is poised to lead the charge on singing and fighting for all the glory that is female.

They’re not afraid to talk about the things that make people uncomfortable

You know those conversations you have on the trail, the chair lift, or the skin track that you hope no one else is listening to? Coalition Snow is letting the cat out of the bag with the Juicy Bits Podcast. Join Coalition Snow CEO Jen Gurecki and Ambassador Jillian Raymond as they move those conversations from the shadows into the spotlight. From navigating the #DudeSoup of the outdoors, to the best waxing tips you’ve ever received from a ski and snowboard company (and not just the kind your put on your boards), this podcast is sure to make you laugh, cry, and maybe pee your pants a little bit. Join the conversation and get ready to #juicethepatriarchy.

Their CEO is cycling 6,000+ KM across Africa and you can join her

There’s no better way to take in the exotic lands and diverse communities of the countries of Africa than by bike, and you can experience it all while doing something good at the same time. Join Coalition CEO Jen Gurecki for African Spokes, a 6,520 km bike ride from Nairobi to to Cape Town, and help raise money for three organizations that are empowering communities to lift themselves out of poverty, helping women finance their livelihoods, and working on conservation and land management projects to protect the wilderness. You can join for a few days, a few weeks, or the whole trip. We recommend stocking up on chamois cream.

They eat tacos every Tuesday

This fall Coalition launched their own version of Taco Tuesdays, a weekly email and Facebook live video that features women (and men) from around the world sharing their favorite tacos and life goals. Why? The only thing worse than reading a shitty email is writing one (yet for some reason your inbox gets flooded with them each week). And who doesn’t love tacos? Coalition Snow is looking for humans who have a story to tell for their newly launched Taco Tuesday Tacover. Want to learn more? Get in touch with Coalition Snow for all the details and sign up to be treated to a bit of banter from Jen Gurecki + get a new taco recipe straight from the Coalition Snow team every Tuesday.

They turned down $1m offer from Bode Miller

Coalition Snow made their primetime television debut on the Shark Tank meets the outdoor industry themed show Adventure Capitalists this November. It was incredibly exciting to see Olympic skiers Jeremy Bloom and Bode Miller go head to head on Coalition Snow skis and ultimately confirm Coalition’s claim that their skis don’t suck. But when Bode Miller offered CEO Jen Gurecki $1 million to buy Coalition Snow, she walked away, keeping Coalition Snow a female-led company. Word on the street is that what happened off camera was far more exciting, and it will be revealed in an upcoming edition of Juicy Bits. Make some popcorn, pour yourself a strong drink, and watch the full “Snow” episode.