Get Ready for Activities in the Snow

Winter holidays are near and people are rushing to get things done before they set off to the nearest mountain resort. Whether you are planning to ski, ride a snowboard or sip tea in the evening next to the fireplace, you need to get ready for winter delights. These preparations are as smart as they are physical in nature. By creating a list of things to take to your winter holiday trip, you are making sure that everything runs smoothly so you can max out the fun.

Several layers of clothing

If our grandparents have taught us anything, then it’s the fact that we should wear clothes in layers when it’s cold outside. A single winter jacket is not enough to keep us warm regardless of how stuffed it is. Several layers of clothes are a far better option so be sure to pack T-shirts as well since they’ll make for that initial layer of clothing. Before you start packing, do the math to calculate how many suitcases full of clothes you’ll need for a family of four.

Don’t forget to bring the charger

Needless to say, a mountain lodge doesn’t have a grocery store next door. That’s why it is essential not to forget the stuff you would normally forget to bring with yourself because you cannot buy a replacement that easily once you arrive in your accommodation.

One item that we frequently forget to pack when traveling is the phone charger. We usually charge the phone the night before the trip, unplug it in the morning and just leave it like that on the table. You really shouldn’t make this mistake this winter as well since a phone with a dead battery won’t do you much good in the woods. Not only can it be used to call for help but is flashlight is a lifesaver if you stay outdoors after dark. 

Planning your itinerary

In order to avoid a scenario in which you get lost in the snow, you should preplan your itinerary. Exploring the wilderness on your own might be alluring but you should plan for such walks and calculate the distance and time necessary to cover it.

For instance, don’t go off jogging after dusk in the spur of the moment. If you like running in the snow in the woods, then plan this activity for the following morning, when there is plenty of daylight. Remember, you are not in an urban settlement, as cold air and snow will cause you to get tired faster than you normally would. 


Keep the kids busy 

As far as your children are concerned, you need to keep them busy while the adults go skiing or snowboarding. While you’re still driving in the car, snacks are the ideal distraction but once you arrive at the resort, you’ll need to find a daycare center, if available. If not, then you can play their favorite cartoons or take them for a (daytime) walk through the woods. There’s nothing like a long stroll and playing in the snow that can wear a child down so they will fall asleep fast.

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Keep a first-aid kit near at hand

You are probably used to cuts and bruises on the summer holiday but injuries not uncommon in the snow as well. The tree bark you are skiing close by is all but smooth and to mention the worst-case scenario of falling down a tree well. For safety reasons, keeping a first-aid kit near at hand is a smart move to make. Once you settle in, you can move the first-aid kit from the car to the hotel room.

As you have seen from the examples above, getting ready for activities in the snow is nothing complicated. If you create a list of things to pack and wear, you are making sure that you’ll have tons of fun in the snow this season.