5 Ways To Have An Epic Ski Trip In Switzerland

Heading to Switzerland during winter means you’re in for a unique trip, perhaps like none you ever experienced before. 

The beautiful alps are covered in snow and are inviting you to put on your skis and start a fun descent. With world-class ski slopes, it’s not hard to understand why many have chosen this as their destination for a much-awaited ski trip. 

But, how can you make sure you have the best trip of your life? Here are five tips that will help you:

Opt For One Of The Hotspots

Although Switzerland is not a big country, you can’t go to every resort in a single visit. You need to plan your destination long before you start your trip. Opt for one of the common winter hotspots in Switzerland where you’ll find great facilities, stunning scenery, fun apres ski, and more. Among the popular spots are Davos, Crans Montana, Verbier, Zermatt and the Jungfrau region.

Choose An Appropriate Ski Resort And Accommodation

There are so many ski resorts in Switzerland that finding one that is perfect for you is not easy. One important consideration is to match your skiing level with the ski runs available. Beginners need not pay a hefty price on runs for advanced level skiers. You’re there to have fun, so throwing yourself at black runs will only stress you out. Worse, you can end up with an injury.

Other important considerations when picking the right resort include your budget and the available facilities. While some people want somewhere quiet, others prefer a busy place buzzing with nightlife. Read the reviews before making a choice and maybe even ask the local tourism offices for advice.

The Right Gear And Equipment

You have the option of renting your ski gear or bringing your own. If you’re an experienced skier, then the latter is a better option because rental gear is never as good as your own. 

Bring your boots in your ski boot bag  for easy movement from one place to the other. If you have your own skis, pack them in a padded bag to ensure they arrive in good condition. 

Just keep in mind that traveling in Switzerland is mainly by public transport, so moving from planes to trains or buses is a bit of a challenge with all your ski gear. Use bags with wheels to easily move around.

Skiing in Switzerland 

Do Not Rent A Car – Get A Swiss Pass

The public transport system in Switzerland is so good that you’ll not need to rent a car. This kind of organized transport system is second to none. Actually, some ski villages like Zermatt and Saas Fee are car-free zones and can only be accessed by train. So, take advantage of the efficient public transportation, and enjoy interacting with the locals on trains and buses. 

The Swiss Pass is a card that allows you unlimited travel on public transport - including trains, buses, and even boats, in any part of the country. Secure one before you leave. You can find more information here

Do More Than Skiing

Although you’re on a ski trip, try some of the other activities while in Switzerland. First, at the end of the day, kick off those pesky ski boots and mingle with the locals. 

The simplest way is to take a stroll around town and soak up local architecture, learn about the rich history at the museums and enjoy the awesome food at local restaurants. Taste the famous cheese fondue, a kind of cheese-filled bowl best enjoyed with bread. Other things you’ll love include a warm glass of Gluhwein and potato rosti, to name but a few.

Other activities you can try while in Switzerland include: dog sledding, snowshoeing, paragliding, and ice skating. After all, it’s winter, and making the most of the snow and ice is what it’s all about.