Resisting Bitch Face Workshop | October 21st

Join Kula Cloth Founder Anastasia Allison and Coalition Snow Founder Jen Gurecki as they navigate the complexities of Resisting Bitch Face.

Have you been told far too many times to smile? Are you exhausted with having to pretend that everything is ok? Is it time to level up your game face to show people that you don’t take shit sitting down?

Whether you answered yes to one or more (or even zero) of these questions then this is the workshop for you.

Join Kula Cloth founder Anastasia Allison as she learns how to don a Resisting Bitch Face from pro RBF Jen Gurecki, the CEO and founder of Coalition Snow. 

When: October 21st, 5 pm PST

Where: Virtual

Cost: $5 to $30, with all proceeds benefitting the East Sierra Conservation Corps

Tickets: Get them here

Resisting Bitch Face Kula Cloths: Buy them here

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