• Doing The Mountain

    If you find yourself on Stone Mountain in Atlanta, GA, don’t say that you’re hiking. It’s called “doing the mountain,” and that slight nuance means everything to Kenya and Michelle Jackson-Saulters, founders of the Outdoor Journal Tour and the We Hike to Heal movement.
  • 4 Lessons to Learn from Successful Skiers

    It is one of the most exhilarating sports on earth, a physically demanding rollercoaster ride that can be wonderfully exhausting but unquestionably thrilling. Even though many of us come up short in our attempts to replicate pro skiers, there are lessons we can learn from them. Here are four things we can learn from successful skiers. 
  • Ain't I A Woman?

    We celebrate athletes like Michael Phelps for their biological gifts that allow them to be the strongest, the fastest, the best at what they do. And we punish women because we live in a world that tells us you have to fit inside the box. The IAAF ruling against Caster Semenya is misogynistic, transphobic, and racist.