Women Led Wednesday

If you’ve been following along with our weekly Lady Parts newsletter, you’ll know that two weeks ago we introduced Women Led Wednesday, an initiative that we’ve signed onto. Why? Because we intrinsically understand that if we don’t financially invest in the things that are important to us, they will cease to exist.

Powder Magazine covered this story, but of course we have a few more things to say about this initiative. Hear us out for a second...

Unfortunately, capitalism is designed to take from us and leave us with very little. Marketing doesn’t give a fuck about you either—it’s just there to take your money. But there are brands and businesses who are taking doing the real work. If you want to see them succeed, stay in business, make real, tangible change, you must make an active decision and spend your hard earned dollars with them.

And while we're a huge fan of screaming from the rooftops and saying the uncomfortable things that need to be said (obviously), we recognize the power of our pocketbooks.

Money is power, and power is freedom, and with that trifecta we can actually transform this society. But we will fail on empty promises of support. You cannot wish for the change that you want to see in this world and think that poof, that Instagram like, or that the “I love your company” sentiments will actually be fuel that will keep these these women-led brands and businesses alive.

A few statements of fact. If you aren’t compelled to spend your money at women-founded companies and organizations, then we will cease to exist. There is no feminist tree of money that we can pull its luscious fruit from if sales or donations are low. And if we go out of business, who’s left? Who’s in charge of speaking our truth, of amplifying our voices, of advocating for action to propel an inclusive and diverse agenda forward, of shredding the patriarchy at every turn?

And if they cease to exist, what’s left? It will just be the same old shit and we won’t even know it because we can’t differentiate between the number of Instagram followers and likes from real change.

Women Led Wednesday is all about ensuring that female-founded (and trans, and genderqueer, and binary) businesses thrive, and it’s important to have this conversation. We forget how powerful money is. And how power is freedom. And that power and freedom is the key to us being able to transform our society into one that is more just and equitable.

So on Wednesday, November 21st (and really on every day of the year), remember the power of your pocketbook and let’s put our money where our mouth is when it comes to supporting female-founded businesses.