We're Talking To You White Women

White women. White feminism. White supremacy. What do these three things have in common?⁠

Regardless of who actually wins this election, we know that the percentage of white women who voted for Trump went up from 2016. You can't chalk that up to not being well informed or only voting party lines. That lets them off the hook. ⁠

These women are actively upholding systems of oppression that were designed to prioritize and elevate whiteness and keep every other race under their thumb. ⁠

They don't like the idea of a country where they might lose their power and prestige. And clearly they'll do just about anything to hold onto it. ⁠

This isn't about Republicans or Democrats. This election should have been a referendum on on science, on racial justice, on human rights, on corruption, and on abuses of power. It wasn't. ⁠

White women, you need to get over your fear of change and progress. It's not a good look on you. And while it may serve you now, that time is coming to an end. And when it does, it will be long overdue. ⁠