Together We Got This

We’re struggling just like you. ⁠But we know that together, we've got this. 

We worry about our parents and loved ones. About possibly being transmitters of something that will devastate vulnerable communities. ⁠

To all of the parents who don’t know what to do with your children; to the students whose home is school; to the healthcare workers on the front line; to those of you who have been targets of aggression and racism; to all of the people who aren’t working, not getting paid leave, and have no safety net: Our hearts go out to you. ⁠

As a small business, we have already felt the effects and understand that it doesn’t take that much to shut a small business down. It’s already hard enough, and this could be the thing that we just can’t bounce back from.⁠

We are afraid that we’re under-reacting and we’re afraid that we’re overreacting. There is so much uncertainty. ⁠

But here’s what we know: We want our future selves to be proud of how we act today and how we take care of our communities, our loved ones, and ourselves. ⁠

There are no easy answers, and everything is complicated and rapidly evolving. We will expect more changes and will embrace them knowing that we must flatten the curve. ⁠

We believe in science. We are following the guidelines recommended by our local governments, the CDC, and W.H.O. That is why at our retail location in Truckee, CA we are suspending all events, we are taking extra measures to sanitize the store, and we are practicing social distancing from each other and you. We haven't closed (yet), but we will not allow more than six people in the store at one time. 
If you are sick or have been exposed to someone who is feeling off, PLEASE do not come in. We cannot allow browsing and will be qualifying needs at the front door to deter anyone who isn't on a mission. YEAH for on-line shopping, DMs, and emails--let us take care of you virtually.

Society is juggling what is more important — our lives or our livelihoods. We know that for many people those two things are interconnected. We have to prioritize the people who will suffer the most physically, emotionally, and economically. ⁠We want to help keep our community safe.⁠

Finally, we know that we have you: a community that has shown up for us for years. And we are here for you. Starting next week we will be launching a small-business support group via Zoom every Wednesday at 3 pm PST and hosting a virtual happy hour every Thursday at 5 pm PST on our Instagram. We'll be inviting friends (get excited for some of your favorite founders and artists) and crowdsourcing topics. Stay tuned for details and we hope that you will join us. 

Please take care of yourselves and the people around you.