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Every Thursday we send out our Lady Parts newsletter. For this week’s edition, we’re going to take some inspiration from @bydivya.

This week the reality of Trump’s trade war with China hit us. It’s hard enough being a small business owner... These tariffs are devastating and scary. It’s things like this that shutter doors.

As a company we strategically decided to manufacture in China for a number of reasons, with the main one being this: Snowsports are so damn expensive and making our gear overseas helps to keep the costs down.

We value manufacturing in the US. We make some of our (more expensive) skis here. We personally spend more on Made In America products.

We also value offering you—my community—fair prices and holiday sales and a wide selection of skis and snowboards.

Trump may get what he wants—we might move all of our production to the US. But there will be a cost. We will be forced to raise prices and halt the growth of our business. We might only be able to afford to manufacture half our line.

We are the ones who pay the tariffs, not China. Small businesses and consumers should not bear the brunt of a trade war. If we want to see all manufacturing moved to to the US, then apply equal tariffs to all foreign countries and create the infrastructure in the US to make that a reality.

Ideally these tariffs, which are affecting nearly everything that you want to buy, don’t impact consumer spending so much that sales drop. That, on top of these tariffs, could shut us and so many other businesses that you love, down. 

Before you jump in and tell us to suck it up and make all my shit in the US, ask yourself if you’re willing to pay hundreds and thousands more for what you enjoy today. (Also please look around your house and in your closets and in your garage and in general all around at the things you own.)

If you answer is yes, please start convincing your fellow Americans because they have built a certain lifestyle based on the cheap cost of imported goods and the free flow of information and technology. And they certainly don’t like change.

The reality is we all will start paying more for the things we want. So again, certain people will continue to have, and others not so much. And that’s how we like to do it here in the US.

What would you do? Please tell us here.