Sexism Is Over ⌛

The f*cking irony.

The ONE day a year we set aside to celebrate the accomplishments of women happened to land on the shortest day of the year. We lost an hour of International Women’s Day to daylight savings time (unless you live in Arizona because they’re the only smart ones). So not only was I groggy when I woke up on Sunday I also was annoyed AF.

If daylight savings wasn’t enough to ruin this entire week, here’s something else for you. 

Publicly acknowledging your support for women is really sexy and popular right now (unless you’re the president of the United States), and tons of brands jumped on the IWD bandwagon. One of my faves is this marketing campaign from Shell, which changed the name of ONE gas station sign to She’ll, like She Will someday, one day, be treated equally. That’s gonna be really hard Shell given that you only have 22% of leadership positions filled by women. Bedsides adding a dollop of paint to a sign, what are you doing Shell to advance women? 

IWD used to be a day of radical protest rooted in socialism. Now it’s another day for businesses (mostly owned men) to make money off of the labor of women all under the guise of combating sexism. And then we run out and buy up all the Girl Scout cookies because we’re so grateful that they are finally “empowering” women. I’m done giving men and businesses cookies for the things they should have been doing all along, and I’m growing increasingly frustrated with society’s willingness to embrace what is so clearly self-serving.  

I’m going to try to take solace (and a nap) in knowing that there are women out there who are pushing back with a more radical feminist agenda, like Mikki Kendall who wrote Hood Feminism, the latest book to land in my queue.  I’m pretty excited about it because 1) I'm sure I will learn a lot and 2) I’ll be in good company with other angry women. Anyone want to join me?