Honoring Dr. King

Sliding into a new week like... ✨✨

And what a week it will be. Today we honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In a video shared in the New York Times today, his son reminds us that when he was assassinated in 1968, he was deeply disliked, with two-thirds of Americans disapproving of him. The FBI had labeled him a communist.

Dr. King fought for radical change politically, socially, and economically. And while he is revered in memorium today, how would this country respond to his fight for racial justice and income equality if he were alive to say the words and march in the streets today?

Let's not forget that it was white supremacy that took Dr. King's life. The same white supremacy that we saw on display at the insurrection at the capital. The same white supremacy responsible for the impact COVID has had on Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities. The same white supremacy responsible for the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Tayler, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many more. The same white supremacy that will not go away with a new administration or a COVID vaccine or a return to "normal."

Today his son is asking for us to do more than remember his father, but pointedly asking our elected officials to step up.

The timing of Martin Luther King III's message couldn't be more precise as we inaugurate a new president and the first Black woman VP in the history of the US this week as well. What a glorious time to hold them, and all of our elected officials, accountable. And to hold ourselves accountable in our actions, our conversations, our learning, and unlearning.

📷: @na_om_mi via @elevatedlocals