The Most Stoked Skier at Sun Valley

Written by Emma Renly


Media group member of Elevated Locals and Coalition Snow Ambassador is Lolo - a park and freeride skier who is happiest in the snowy mountains.


Name: Larissa “Lolo” DeHaas

Home Mountain: Sun Valley, ID

Gear: Queen Bee 155cm / SOS 

Instagram: @lololovesskiing


If you see a girl with blonde locks ripping down the mountain at Sun Valley, it’s most likely local shredder who goes by the name Lolo. She’s often found getting first tracks on a powder day or on the last chair for the park line - though any day on the mountain is a perfect day. For the past two years, Lolo has been on the park crew at Sun Valley and working with media team Elevated Locals. Despite some injuries she nonchalantly shrugs off, her stoke for skiing is real and only growing. This upcoming season, catch her competing at the qualifiers for the Freeride World Tour.


How was your winter last season?

I learned to snowboard this last season. I blew my knee last May and it hurt really bad to ski, but I work on the mountain and needed to get around somehow. My muscle needed to build back up so I started switching between skiing and snowboarding. My coworker found some boots out of the dumpster and my girlfriend hooked it up with a board! Later on I got a board with Coalition too.


Where does your passion for skiing come from?

I was born in Boise and my parents threw me on skis when I was two. I really like skiing a lot - it’s basically all I do. There aren’t really words to be able to describe why I like skiing that well. You can basically fly around on the mountain. You can’t explore mountains any other way so quickly and easily than on skis. Even hiking! Hiking up with skis in the winter is so much easier than hiking in the summer.


Why do you like the SOS skis?

Because they’re got koi fish on them! Well, the first year they made them they did. They’re really cute. I skied those skis so much, they’re a lighter color than when I got them! Seriously if you compare them to what they used to look like, they've faded so much. The skis are also really good in powder - I like that 106 width. I have another pair of powder skis that are 114 width, but once all the powder turns into moguls the 106 is way more versatile.  


How do you like being on park crew?

I love it! It’s the best. It’s the coolest job, I feel like people just take the mountain and parks for granted so much and they have no idea how much time and energy goes into setting rails and shaping snow. It’s a really cool orchestra. It kind of blows my mind what we can do with snow.


Do you prefer rails or jumps?

Oo - jumps, I’m better at that right now. I’m not that good at rails….yet. I love pipes. I love quarter pipes, they’re amazing. They feel like the floatiest and perfect… they’re just beautiful. We had a halfpipe before, but they got rid of it the first year I got on park crew which I’m super bummed about because I would love to ski a 22-foot pipe all the time. So flowy and fun.


How did you become a part of Elevated locals?

I first met Liz, she comes to Sun Valley and shreds every late season. I really became a team member when I went to Mammoth two summers ago for the Coalition event. I take videos and whatnot and Liz edits them...since I’m not good at that. I take a lot of GoPro video with my own skiing and whatnot.