• Snow Sliding with Grandma Samomo

    One of the brains behind media group Elevated Locals is Liz Toft, a snowboarder who is gregariously passionate about getting on the snow and creates women-focused events to get others out there as well. In the off-season you’ll find her working long hours to be able to travel and ride throughout different mountains all winter. Ever since becoming involved with the Sisterhood of Shred community there’s been a welcomed group of lady rippers to ride with.
  • Breaking the Social Norms

    After a long hiatus from skiing due to university studies, Lauren Distler is back and ready to sway to the rhythm of the mountains again. Luckily, her new home base in Albuquerque offers backyard access to the southwestern mountains for prime skiing, mountain biking and climbing. Armed with a passion for the outdoors she’s ready to break the social norms in what is means to be a woman athlete and engineer. 

  • Styling in the Halfpipe

    Once upon a time Jeanee Crane-Mauzy was unknowingly entered into a mogul competition by her mom and sister. Luckily for everyone, she ended up loving freestyle competitions which turned into a love for halfpipe. Jeanne was born and raised in New Hampshire to a family full of passionate skiers and started in a race program at a young age. She soon followed her older sister into the freestyle scene which included moguls, slopestyle, ariels and of course - halfpipe. The whole family moved to Park City to encourage their daughters to progress their skiing in freestyle competitions. Now with plenty of podium finishes, stylish tricks and world travels under her belt Jeanne is still pushing herself in the halfpipe to get to the next level.