Styling in the Halfpipe

Written by Emma Renly


Once upon a time Coalition Ambassador Jeanee Crane-Mauzy was unknowingly entered into a freestyle competition by her mom and sister. Luckily for everyone, she ended up falling in love with the competitions - especially the halfpipe. 

Name: Jeanee Crane-Mauzy

Coalition Gear: Roz G. Pro-model Halfpipe Ski 

Home Mountain: Park City, Utah

Instagram: @tinymocrazy

Once upon a time Jeanee Crane-Mauzy was unknowingly entered into a mogul competition by her mom and sister. Luckily for everyone, she ended up loving freestyle competitions which turned into a love for halfpipe. 

Jeanne was born and raised in New Hampshire to a family full of passionate skiers and started in a race program at a young age. She soon followed her older sister into the freestyle scene which included moguls, slopestyle, ariels and of course - halfpipe. The whole family moved to Park City to encourage their daughters to progress their skiing in freestyle competitions. Now with plenty of podium finishes, stylish tricks and world travels under her belt Jeanne is still pushing herself in the halfpipe to get to the next level. 

What is your proudest moment from competition? 

A few years ago in 2016 I won the NorAm Tour in Calgary - not only did I win my final run but I scored first in the qualifiers as well. It was the first time I did a trick that I got hurt on before so that was more emotional than anything. I managed to get through that mental block and land it! A bunch of people were there and my mom came as well. Plus a lot of friends from halfpipe were competing there too! Everyone celebrated afterwards, and it was super fun. 

Do you have a favorite trick in the halfpipe?

I would say right-side 720! 

How do you like the Roz G. skis for halfpipe?

The design is specifically made for halfpipe, so they’re a bit more narrow and stiff - but not too heavy. A halfpipe ski is actually the most like a race ski than any of the other freestyle events because going across the halfpipe is like a long GS turn. You put a lot of pressure into the carve across the snow before you take off and do the trick. You need a really stable ski that’s not too wide or else it’s catch in the air during tricks. 

Do you believe there should be equal pay in the halfpipe competitions? 

It’s important for World Cup and X-Games to be equal pay because that is showing on a global scale that women competitors are as valued in the competitors as men competitors are. Those competitions are invite only, so the number of people are selected in how many number of spots are open. 

I see both sides of it because there are so many more guys competing in freestyle. Therefore, the competition makes more money off their money fees and have more cash to give out. Part of the problem of not having as many girls is because it’s a lot harder in society...There many be less that are actually competing but they have to go through a much harder time to be there. 

How do you like the mission of Coalition Snow? 

I come from a family of five girls so we’re all about girls. We all grew up playing sports and activities that are often dominated by males. The snow industry as a whole generally cares much more about guys than girls, so being able to support a company that cares about girls and make gear for girls and that connects us with other girls is really exciting.