Snow Sliding with Grandma Samomo

Written by Emma Renly


Coalition Snow Ambassador and member of Elevated Locals is Liz Toft, a die-hard snowboarder who’s bringing together women who are just as passionate as she is.


Name: Elisabeth Toft

Nicknames: Grandma Samomo, Ratface “you don’t pick em”

Home Mountain: Sun Valley, ID

Gear: Whodis / Queen Bee / Myth / Splitboard 155cm

Instagram: @grandma_samomo


One of the brains behind media group Elevated Locals is Liz Toft, a snowboarder who is gregariously passionate about getting on the snow and creates women-focused events to get others out there as well. In the off-season you’ll find her working long hours to be able to travel and ride throughout different mountains all winter. Ever since becoming involved with the Sisterhood of Shred community there’s been a welcomed group of lady rippers to ride with.


Do you use any of the Coalition boards?

I think I’ve had all of their boards. The Whodis I love, it’s my east coast board. I’m stoked they made it because before there was only the Myth all-mountain board and Queen Bee park board, but I needed something stronger. The Whodis is stiffer - I’m 5’9 and 180 pounds and I’m Samoan - so it’s hard to find a good board because a lot of girls are smaller but I’m the size of a pro-snowboard boy….so I need a stronger board.


You must have been one of the only Samoans growing up in Idaho.

I was born in Wyoming and we moved to Idaho when I was six or so, but I was definitely the only Samoan. Here’s a story: I was in a bar with my brother maybe 10 years ago. It was a cowboy bar in Idaho that we called the John Wayne because there’s maybe 30 portraits of John Wayne all over the walls. We’re sitting there and this cowboy sitting next to me keeps looking at me and grimacing and then looking away. After a drink of that he looks at me and goes, ‘Well what are you, some kind of giant Mexican?’ I was so hysterical but my brother was furious. I was like, ‘I guess… I guess I’m kind of like a giant Mexican?’ But that’s kind of how Idaho is.


Why do you like Coalition Snow?

I love the sisterhood of shred. With all of the traveling that we do and different resorts we go to, I can reach out to the different Sisterhood of Shred facebook groups and post, ‘Yo I’m going to be over here.’ I’ve probably met 30-40 shredder babes that I am so happy to have in my life, it’s created this whole community for me. You can go anywhere and find people to shred with - and they actually want to ride. So that’s been marvelous. I think that’s my absolute favorite thing, the community.


How has Elevated Locals, your passion snowboarding and women shredders combined together?

When we started Elevated Locals is was kind of I wanted to share this ski bum world with my friends in the city and tell the story of what being a die-hard snow addict is like. With the Sisterhood of Shred, we’ve done a bunch of women-focused events. We have girl shreds and things like that, and I think that’s just further built the community of Elevated Locals. We just try to be on snow as much as possible.